Case for Transformation Design


Every industry in the world is being. The way we have solved problems in the past don’t quite seem to work anymore. The future is uncertain and problems are more complex and interconnected. There are more stakeholders now. It’s not just about customers, employees, or stakeholders—global issues are causing companies to think about the broader ecosystem of stakeholders. People (customers, shareholders, employees) are demanding more. So, how do you prepare for unprecedented change?

Complex and interconnected issues require more holistic solutions that are agile enough to adapt to uncertain futures. is about integrating strategy, leadership, and design to achieve sustainable outcomes for complex issues. TD is also about finding the right accelerators and the right mix of tools and engagement strategies required to maximize impact. It’s about creating the culture to unleash creativity & innovation.

Transformation Design is about a journey to systematically navigate the complexities of today in a human-centered, values-based, and purpose-driven way so that you can start to create the future you dream of.

What if you could transform your organizations, countries and the world to greater joy and beauty?
So-Young Kang