So-Young has been teaching since she was 11 years old and her first job in Japan was teaching English to junior high school students. She continued in her corporate career in sales, marketing and strategy, she somehow always found herself training and coaching others.

So her journey seems to have come full circle to creating Gnowbe which she founded to enable her to scale her training to billions. ‘Leading Others’ was her first Gnowbe course and used as a pilot to see if mobile, micro-learning would work and could really result in behavior change. The rest is history...


Leading Others

"Leading Others" lays down the fundamental principles of authentic leadership. It is based on core principles of being 'human,' care, humility, empowerment, gratitude, strengths-based leadership and belief that everyone can be a leader.


Learner Review

"The course was useful as it was relevant to my job and the knowledge acquired has allowed me to become a more efficient performer. The bite-size content was easy to absorb as it was not too dense. I will definitely recommend such a wonderful learning platform to those who are always pressed for time but yet need to upgrade their skillsets to become better performers in today's competitive working environment."

- Jim Tam 
Vice President of Sales, Hertz