Mobile-first, microlearning experience solution

Gnowbe is disrupting the future of talent and work through a mobile-first, microlearning and employee experience solution. Clients are experiencing greater learning impact through measurable, data-backed outcomes and scaling their learning at lower cost across the employee lifecycle from onboarding, compliance, product, sales and leadership training.

Gnowbe connects skills with learning through facilitating ‘learn-by-doing’ and delivering engaging content for learners to constantly upskill and reskill themselves and improve productivity.  Gnowbe is uniquely mobile-first (not mobile responsive) and web-responsive on Gnowbe for Web ( meaning it was designed for the mobile learner who is on-the-go and uses the smartphone to chat, text, take photos/videos and connect with others.


Built on smartphone functionality, Gnowbe’s digital platform leverages bite-sized learning (10 minutes a day), social learning (chats and messaging) and gamification to encourage active engagement and to drive behavior change, which ultimately drives business impact. Gnowbe’s unique research and methodology has resulted in 8-10x higher engagement than traditional e-learning methods. Gnowbe’s key clients and partners include global players like KPMG, Mercer, Adecco and Navitas.

Gnowbe was founded by So-Young Kang in 2015 and launched in June 2016. It began when Kang’s first company, Awaken Group, identified the need to scale learning and engagement quickly across geographically-dispersed global organizations quickly and in a cost effective way. The critical factors identified were to ensure employee engagement, agile content creation and scalable delivery.

Organizations and experts choose Gnowbe because it is a pioneering platform designed to empower people to change their behaviors.

It addresses common challenges including how to reinforce learning after the workshop/classroom experience and how to encourage employees to practice what they have learned on-the-job. Gnowbe also addresses the growing need for ‘just-in-time’ content creation and employee engagement given the pace of change.

The impact Gnowbe is seeing 90% of people love engaging in Gnowbe, 75% of employees are more confident to apply their knowledge, 10x completion rates compared to leading e-learning platforms.

Common uses cases include blended learning to reinforce face-to-face learning, onboarding to improve ‘time to productivity’ for new hires, building product knowledge for sales staff and developing digital and soft skills.


So-Young currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Gnowbe.