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Tech & Social Impact Conference

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Speaking Topic: Humanizing Technology for Good

The need for the social sector to embrace technology is not new. So why isn’t it happening fast enough when the impact can be so huge? We know that technology can exponentially grow the impact of our social missions so what’s taking us so long? Technology companies say that they want to improve the world but why aren’t more focused on social impact? So-Young will share about what’s needed to bridge this perceived divide between social and digital and provide potential solutions to consider so that we can start humanizing tech for good.

It was the first time I got to speak on a topic I am passionate about and in many ways, my “why” - humanizing tech for good. I believe we need to design tech with a clear intention to solve real problems and make a positive social impact and not just chase the latest tech trends. I see tech like Gnowbe and others as ways to empower people so that we can be freed to do more value-adding things as humans.
— So-Young Kang
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